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Our pricing costs less than having a conference call with your management and the vendor’s sales or simply receiving and setting up a demo unit.

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  • We curate a menu of interesting hardware to let you test platforms and components you want to try. Often, these systems and components will be on our menu before you can buy them.
  • We configure, test, rack, cable and get everything setup. Save your resources trying to get demo gear up and running.
  • You get access to a neutral 3rd party facility to complete your demo in peace. You don’t need to go through pushy sales people to demo some exciting piece of hardware.
  • During your demo, you will get a local desktop to work from. You will get IPMI access to load whatever OS and applications you want on the machine.
  • After your demo, we clean up for you. We wipe the machine. We pull gear out of the rack and send loaner gear back.

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